Let's Talk Intention

If I have learned anything at all in my 51 years on this beautiful planet of ours, it’s that life is short and we really have to do what makes us happy, not what is expected of us...  If we never step into who we absolutely know we are meant to be, then honestly, what is the point? 

That being said, it is after many deep breaths and a lot of prayer for guidance that I would like to introduce you to a new offering here at Creative Sage...one-on-one Intention Connection Time...with me; your very own Intention Connection Guide... 

I've been working with individual clients for YEARS and when I took a step back to try and figure out how to actually quantify or define what it is that we actually accomplish together, it dawned on me; one word; "Intention."  We work together to clear out the muddy water, silence the inner noise and get to the heart of your truest and most authentic intention.

-What do you want your life to feel like?

-What role can your faith and spirituality play throughout this journey?

-What would it feel like if your faith in your SELF and that which created you was greater than your fear?

-What if on a SOUL level you really knew; truly remembered who you are and why you are here?

-How can I help?

Depending on what feels right, we will work with any number of tools in order to get to the root of what is keeping that magical light of yours from shining its brightest.  My goal is to offer you a safe place to open up your heart, listen to your own inner teacher and begin to take steps to insure that you are living from a place of joy, true authenticity and love for your SELF.

Our time together is about you checking in with your self to find out where all those self-imposed limitations have come from and how we can eliminate them once and for all.  

Together we will work toward cultivating a new inner dialogue for you, re-connecting you with your soul's greatest joy and setting your inner spark free!

I work with any number of tools in order to assist you as you find your way back to your own magic.  Tarot and all of its beautiful layers and layers of symbolism are generally my most go-to visual aid because they encompass so much more than a mere illustration on a card.  

Tarot is not, nor has it ever been about fortune telling, divination or sitting across from you with a crystal ball and offering wisdom about what is going to happen in your life next month….it is far more valuable than that!  

What About Tarot?

Well, I ve been in love with and working with Tarot Cards for as long as I can remember...literally.  I think I was 6 or so when I got to hold my father’s deck for the first time and “play” with them.  The size of the cards being so big in my tiny little hands, the beautiful illustrations…I was smitten from day one.

I fell so in love and got so comfortable with them that in 6th grade (after winning an argument with my mom and dad about sharing the cards publicly) as a class project I did a whole presentation on the Tarot right down to a sample "reading" for my 6th grade teacher…. Obviously, the reading (back then I thought of the cards and their layout as more of a fun game with no ending) was a simple one done from a 6th grade point of view and maturity level, but I was always a wildly insightful child and unknowingly must have struck some sort of a nerve because the teacher (who, by the way, initially liked the idea of Tarot cards) gave me a terrible grade and I got in big trouble for bringing “witchcraft” to school.  

My parents were called in to explain and defend this “black magic madness,” and we were all reprimanded.  It was a very confusing experience because they basically threw the book (cards) at me!   That’s the first time it ever occurred to me that the cards could be interpreted or used as anything other than pretty pictures that helped to tell a very imaginative (I now know this to be replaced with the word “intuitive”) story.

Tarot and I have had a solid and loyal relationship for close to forty years but the cards have never been about magic or witchcraft or any sort of a dark practice.  Instead, they are more like a wonderful way to blur the lines between our conscious and subconscious minds and help to get us in touch with our PRESENT selves versus trying to predict the future.  If used correctly, they can help to peel back a few of the social masks many of us have gotten far too comfortable wearing and invite us to reveal our true nature as far as what is really happening in that big, beautiful heart of ours. 

If Tarot is one of our tools during our Intention Connection Time together, my goal is to utilize them as a way to bring clarity and understanding while helping to shine a light on areas of your live that might need a little more attention or truth.  

I love to use Tarot as a tool for opening up a dialogue and encouraging you to step whole-heartedly into your story rather than being a spectator who is watching life happen or choosing to be a victim of it.  

Tarot is about honesty and insight and perhaps a fresh set of eyes helping to reveal things happening within and around you that can offer powerful lessons and opportunity for life-changing growth.   

Tarot and all of its beautiful correspondences (astrology, Kabbalah, numerology, herbalism, color theory, psychology, the Hebrew Alphabet)  has the ability to be one of our most valuable resources for personal development if we are willing to really listen and learn from the messages and insight they reveal. 

I love to explain Tarot as that one really good friend you can count on to always be honest with you even if he/she knows you might not love or want to agree with what you are going to hear.  Her intention is never to hurt you, quite the contrary, she wants what is best for you, so the only way to get to that place is by offering you the gentle truth. 

As with anything else, the intuitive accuracy are only as good as the person holding the cards and after almost 40 years, I like to think that I know what I’m doing!  A true Tarot experience is not about an instruction manual and a booklet offering card meanings.  It is instead about inviting our own intuition and divine nature to be our guide and teacher.

I understand that for many, Tarot is sometimes seen as offensive and lumped into a category with Witchcraft and dark magic.  (just ask me about the first time I showed my husband my deck of Tarot and explained what he was looking at) The truth is, we can look at just about any religious or spiritually based group or teaching and find a way to make it into something shadowy and negative when used the wrong way or for the wrong reasons.  My intent has always been to rely on Tarot as a bridge and a pathway back to our most authentic selves.  I like to think of myself as both a facilitator of change and a cultivator of awareness. 

During our Intention Connection time together I won’t be able to provide you with the winning lottery numbers, but I can and will help guide you backwards to recognize your truth.  Working together, I can show you how to lean forward into your life so that you will see how a few changes or adjustments might take you on a fabulous new journey towards creating and embracing the very best version of your authentic self.  It’s truly a remarkable and often life-altering experience if you invite it to be.

One of the questions I am often asked is, where do religion and God figure into all of this? 

I know that what I am about to say might offend a few of you, and I make no apology for my spiritual beliefs; but I do hope that you will respect the manner with which it is intended; my personal opinion…nothing more and nothing less.  My truest belief has always been that we are each, every single one of us, created in the likeness and image of God.  In my heart, God, Source, Spirit or whatever you choose to call it, has never been something that is OUT there…. Instead, I very much believe that we each are born with a beautiful Divine spark glowing deep inside of ourselves that acts almost as a powerful light connecting us to the Source of all things; God and yes, even one another. 

I believe that we are each Divine and holy beings on a very individual, very personal human journey.   I also believe that Intention Connection Time, Tarot and many other tools we will potentially work with together have the ability to serve as wonderful vehicles to re-introduce us to our own Divine spark while bridging the gap between our conscious and unconscious minds.  

The Tarot puts an end to the great divide between the Divine and ourselves by showing us in physical form that we each carry the spark of God within.  The moment we were spoken into creation, we were born of and in the essence of God.

Amidst the chaos of real life, some of us, myself included, have a harder time remembering the Divine fabric we are woven from and are a part of.  

I believe that my responsibility; my gift as someone who has worked my entire life to cultivate a deep and on-going relationship with faith is to help you           re-member who you are; who you have always been.  

I consider it such a blessing to work with you as we shine a beautiful, sparkling light on the unlimited happiness and magic that are already at work and available within your own life.   The truth is, you are created as Divine possibility, my responsibility via our work together is merely to help you step firmly into that truth and assist as you weave it into your everyday existence and truly CULTIVATE YOUR OWN MAGIC.

If you have any questions or would like to set up Intention Connection Time, please contact me via phone or email!   Your privacy is of the utmost important to me and I treat every inquiry and connection time as a sacred experience to be shared only between you and I!  Please know that your information will never be shared, sold, or otherwise. 


$100.00 for a full hour

I'm sorry but due to the sensitive and often personal nature of this work, I do not offer group Intention Connection Time.

I look forward to working with you soon!
Wishing you an abundance of bliss and blessings,


Phone:  269-231-0282      Email: heather@creativesagecottage.com