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Hi there, I'm Heather and The Creative Sage Cottage, 
located in Union pier, Michigan is my magical place for
the cultivation and celebration of heart and soul....

While I am not a huge fan of labels, I do like to think of myself as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur and spiritual ally.  
I believe that my gifts are best utilized when I am hosting my magical 
"Gather and Create" workshops, creating a custom Intention Candle for you or perhaps introducing you to a bit of healing spiritual inspiration via Tarot Cards, the Hebrew Alef-Bes, Healing Crystals and so much more.  
I want you to remember what it feels like to celebrate and unconditionally accept who you are...
I want you to remember that you are creative, you are holy, you are sacred.
You are unlimited.
You are divine.
I want to show you that it is possible to cultivate your own magic...
to love the woman that you already are...
to step back into the place where your light simply cant help but ooze out and sparkle all over the place.  
The life you have always hoped for is only as far away as your
faith and imagination.
I would be honored to help you see it.
 I offer a wide range of creative tools and work one on one with my clients as we establish what has been holding you back.  I think you will be so blissfully surprised when after just a little bit of gentle truth talk you soon realize that no, my dear, you are not broken or flawed or even damaged...
you are magnificently and unconditionally 
one hundred percent beautiful magic and I cannot wait to be here cheering you on as your inner light begins to burn bright once again and you remember that your limits are only as real as you allow them to be!
I am here as a partner and advocate to offer you deep and lasting healing of heart and soul.
I believe that we truly are the co-creators of this incredible human experience and I would be honored to work with you as you begin to make powerful changes within the context of your life.
I look forward to meeting you soon!

Lets Get Together!!

Spring hours begin in May which means that throughout the Winter months I generally meet with clients by appointment only right now...but every so often I will host "Crafternoon" walk-in hours.

Consult either Instagram or Facebook for walk-in hours

Days, evenings and weekend consultations are always available by appointment.
I do not offer Intuitive Readings during open walk-in hours.

If you have questions or would like to set up a time to stop in,
please call me at 269-231-0282
Oh...and don't forget to follow along on my Facebook and Instagram page too!
Wishing you love and magic,