Got Sage?
     Sage and the ceremonial practice of Smudging is the common name given to a tradition that has been performed for thousands of years.  From the incense of Asia all the way up to the indigenous Americans, the smoke generated from burning Sage and other herbs have long been regarded as a sort of spiritual cleansing and a way to drive away negative influences and unhealthy energy.
     The smoke itself is deeply symbolic and it is commonly believed that as the smoke ascends to the heavens it brings our intentions and prayers up to the gods.  With its long and beautiful history, it is important to remember that today as you are smudging your home, workplace, or even yourself, you are taking part in a very sacred and magical tradition. 

I offer a wide variety of Sage and many unique floral and herbal incense blends because each and every plant, flower and herb on our planet truly contains its own divine energy.  When we are able to connect with that energy we deepen our experience with the flowers etc and are far better to hold sacred space for our intention to manifest.

From the calming properties of Lavender to the grounding/protective energy of Cedar and the beautiful way dried Lemon and Basil summon the energy of happiness and good fortune, we are so fortunate to be able to work in partnership with such profound and divine energies.
The longer I study and the more I immerse myself in the magic available to us in our backyards, the more miraculous even the most seemingly mundane moments become.

Many of my online clients will tell you that their orders often arrive sprinkled with things like Rosemary, Sandalwood, Rose petals, Mint and so much more.  Each and every item I include carries some sort of energy with it that I know my client will benefit from.  
Walk in my home and you will find Juniper Berries and Bay Leaves strung together next to the door.  I do this is in order to keep sickness and negativity from entering our house...
The list of remedies and their cultural history is seemingly endless and I cant wait to share them with you. When you get a moment, I hope that you will drop in for a visit.   
I look forward to customizing an herbal sachet or Blessing Ball for you.  Whether you are looking for more restful sleep or a new job, chances are, I have a blend for that!

While white sage has long been the go-to plant for smudging, there are now an almost unlimited amount of options as far as what you can choose to blend along with the sage or even burn on its own.  Each plant brings its own healing, cleansing or other properties as well as the amazing scent they leave behind.  If you click over to my Etsy Store you will find a host of variations on Smudges and Herbal Incense Blends.  If there is something you are looking for but not seeing, please call or email me as there is SO much here that is not listed on the website! I also carry metal bowls and cast-iron cauldrons as seen below, which are a wonderful and safe way to burn your blends without the risk of fire.  
Have you heard of Palo Santo Sticks:  The Palo Santo tree is a mystical tree whos name in Spanish literally means, "holy wood."  It is a magical old tree that grows along the coast of South America and is a cousin of Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.  Unlike Sage and the other plants listed above, Palo Santo is actually burned in stick form or even wood shavings as seen in the photo.  Its scent carries hints of it's citrus origins as well as a bit of pine and mint.  Palo Santa is a wonderful and uplifting scent that is known to enhance creativity and bring good fortune to those who are willing to receive it.  This wood is also fabulous for calming stress and anxieties as well as grounding the energy of a space and helping to prepare us for meditation.  It is a strong plant medicine that brings an overall sense of peace, happiness and wellness when burned.  When using your Palo Santo stick, simply light one end of your stick and allow it to burn for about 30 seconds, then blow it out.  As it continues to smoke, first using your hand or a feather, guide the smoke over your heart and then the rest of your body.  Then you may hold your stick over a ceramic bowl or seashell and move throughout your home or space allowing the smoke to waft with you and clear out the energy.