Customized Blessing Balls

for Heart and Home

Customized Blessing Balls for Heart and Home

In various cultures around the world it is believed that by hanging various spices, flowers, seeds, herbs and even crystals in the windows of their homes, negativity, illness and even lightening could be kept at bay.  Along the same lines, it has also long been a practice of various cultures to hang the same sort of flora and fauna in the windows in order to attract luck, love, prosperity, fertility, good health and so much more. 

I am fortunate to have experienced this sort of magical thinking first hand having been raised with a grandmother who would hang brightly covered ribbons in our windows in order to keep negativity away.  Each time we moved into a new home, she would also tear up a piece of the carpeting in our bedroom and attach it to bottom of our bed for luck and protection from nightmares and so much more.  I always loved having something I could visually look at to know that I was safe in my dark bedroom at night.

I think it is only natural that now, in my own work I am honored to offer my own interpretation of this practice so I created a Blessing Ball that could be completely customized as per your individual needs and intention.

I have created Blessing Balls filled with flora and fauna to help attract good health and luck for new homes, new jobs, fertility, to find love, to heal, to manifest prosperity, express gratitude and so much more.  It is an honor to be able to utilize some of Mother Natures greatest gifts in order to create a Blessing Ball filled with unlimited luck, love and yes, even a bit of magic!  No two Blessing Balls are ever the same since every one of them is completely customized based on intuition, suggestion and needs.

Depending on your needs, your Blessing Ball might be filled with a seemingly endless list of beautiful items in order to bring long lasting blessings, happiness and beautiful bright light to your heart and home.  The Blessing Ball you  receive includes things like Smoky Quartz and Selenite for grounding and cleansing negative energy, Cinnamon and Citrine for prosperity, Cedar for patience and protection, Rose Quartz, petals and rose hips for love, Lavender for calm, Jasmine for luck and happy dreams, Calendula to bring the energy of the sun into your heart and home, White Sage for cleansing and detoxifying, Tourmaline for psychic cleansing, Himalayan Sea Salt for detoxifying,  Juniper Berries for good health, Orange peel for drawing good luck and manifestation, Amazonite for speaking clearly from your heart and so much more. 

In addition to the energetic properties and symbolism each item offers, I also design them to be aesthetically pleasing so that they can be hung in a sunny window, placed over a bed or nestled in a beautiful bowl. They are beautiful visual and aromatic aids to help keep that which we desire most at the forefront of our hearts and imagination.
I tell my clients to hang/place theirs in a spot where they will always see it. Each time it catches their eye, I recommend that they offer a prayer of clear intention and deep gratitude knowing that that which is for them is already on it's way to them.
Blessing Balls can be customized for just about any need. A new job...good health, fertility, healing, good energy, a new home, gratitude, love, new baby blessing, bridesmaids...the list goes on and on. I consider it an honor to work with clients on an individual basis and even offer fun hands-on workshops in order to create a globe that is perfect for you or even as a gift!!
Whether you are a bride, a realtor, teacher, student or someone who just wishes to gain a little clarity in some area of life, Blessing Balls and the subtle magic that comes with them are a wonderful item to add to your spiritual toolbox!
Cost- $35.00
To order your Custom Blessing Ball please call or visit me here at the Cottage and we can discuss how I may create a magical Blessing Ball for your specific needs.
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