It's time for your beautiful energetic connection with 

Healing Crystals to begin!

     I work with a broad range of tools that I call on in order to let your divine light out to shine.  Those tools range from Healing Crystals, to herbs, Custom Intention Candles and more....
Lets talk about the one that you have been hearing a lot of buzz about lately...Healing Crystals.
The best way I can introduce you to and share my love of the crystal world is really just to jump in and tell you about my own experience with them.
Lets start at the beginning and how one beautiful stone changed my entire understanding of what the term "healing crystal" has come to mean to me….
A long time ago when I first started learning about healing crystals and gemstones, I kept reading that if I held them and shared a little time with them, I would intuitively receive some sort of energetic impression from them.  I was beyond intrigued, I know that I am an intuitive girl and honestly, I figured it would be as easy as ordering a bunch of stones and waiting for the magic to happen. So, I did just that….I got myself a ton of different rough stones and waited….and then I waited a little more and nothing happened and then my patience got the best of me and I almost gave u on them... 
I thought maybe I could speed things up a bit if I learned everything I could about them….  I ordered some books on crystals, and being a girl of little or NO patience, I went head first into the research and the intellectual part of the stones as if it were some sort of project for school.  Before long I was starting to memorize exactly what the books were telling me I needed to know about the stones.  I learned all about their history, what their chemical composition is, the chakra they are supposed to help align and all the magical healing properties they were supposed to possess…I became a woman obsessed. 
But to be honest with you, for as much as I had intellectually learned about them….intuitively and emotionally I felt nothing.  I actually began to doubt myself and think maybe there might be something wrong with me because I didn’t understand what people were talking about when it came to a feeling or an energy associated with these crystals….so I put them down and I moved on to something else.
Then, one day I was having a conversation with a client about nothing at all to do with crystals and I was having trouble finding the worlds to clarify something that really almost required a visual aid.  It was in that moment…out of the corner of my eye, I saw my jar of Labradorite staring at me as if they were waving tiny little arms and saying…"take a closer look, listen..…we can help…”
It was one of those moments I have experienced throughout my life that got me into the esoteric work that I do today.  Without any intent of my behalf, that little stone suddenly seemed to have all the answers I needed….  It wasn’t like the stone was audibly speaking to me instead it was more like everything I needed to know in this particular situation could be found in the appearance and a sort of feeling from the stone….the way it looked one way at first glance and then magically as the light changed, how it became something completely different; almost like it suddenly had a personality. 
I'll be honest with shocked even me as I was looking at the beautiful stone and thinking..."have I lost my mind or is that crystal almost vibrating?" That was MY moment for finally connecting to and clearly understanding the energy, the true magic and the potential of crystals… Once that happened the books no longer meant anything, it was instead, all about intuition…getting quiet and just sitting with the stones until they told me what I needed to know about them and how they can help. 
This is how I explain magic…intention…and my love of healing crystals…  We think we live in a black and white world where if we can’t see it then it must not be real.  Labradorite gave me the visual tools to physically understand and share what is possible when we truly and SO intentionally take a step back and choose to look at things differently…through a different lens.  That’s where the magic is.
That experience I had in coming to understand these precious gifts from Mother Earth is very different from experiences that other people have had and I think that's one of the best parts of this journey.  In order to truly come to any understanding from a place of true authenticity, we will never find the answers in the research and data, instead, we've got to lean in heart and soul so that we are able to feel it.