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Intention Candles

Intuitive Intention Candles

My Custom Intention Candles were born out of a deep desire for me to help my clients find a way to quiet their minds while authentically connecting with intention.  The seemingly simple act of deciding to be still, focus our thoughts and light a candle calls forth a sort of power and magic that while it may seem matter-of-fact, is quite profound.

DIY Intention candles are created by appointment here in the shop.  Before we can create your candle, we'll spend a bit of time chatting about your intention and how the intent of your candle can best serve you.  Our exchange enables me to get to know you a bit and connect with what your energy may be telling me versus solely relying on what you are saying.  This dialogue affords me the opportunity to better assist as you create a candle that is unique and customized to your specific intention and energy. 

It is a privilege to be able to speak with my customers and get to know your hearts a bit because so often you are so caught up in taking care of others and making sure all their needs are met that you forget about your own.  Clients are often completely caught off guard when they come to create a candle and are suddenly overwhelmed by the bubbling up of emotions that they experience when they get here.  It is almost as if once you cross the threshold of this space and embrace the idea of truly doing something just for yourself, everything you have been working so hard to silence and keep buried suddenly comes racing to the surface like the bubbles in a bottle of champagne just waiting to be set free. 

The beauty of a truly customized candle is that the energetic partnership of your intention coupled with my intuition means we work together to create something that serves you on a much deeper level.  As we talk, things that have been trying to get your attention have a way of coming to the surface and as we shed a little light on them we are able to tune in to the energy that most needs your attention right now.  It is from that place that we will work together as we build your Intention Candle.

Every element of your candle brings its own energy with it and the creation is carefully guided by me in order to bring you the greatest results.  From the color of the beeswax to the healing crystals rolled inside of it and the flowers and herbs it is dressed with, everything is woven together in complete alignment with your intention. 

Your Intention Candle is created to engage your senses, quiet your mind and help you to focus on what it is that your heart and soul desires most.  

It would be an honor for me to create an Intuitive Intention Candle for you. 

Your Customized Intuitive Intention Candle will Include-

-One 8 inch by 2.5-inch fully customized beeswax candle similar to the ones in the photos.  Your candle will be rolled with healing crystals on the inner layers of wax and dressed with herbs flowers and resins pertaining to your intention.

-One sprig of White Sage for smudging your space prior to lighting

-A one inch glass amulet created of the same crystals, herbs, flowers etc that your candle is rolled or dressed with. 

COST- $35.00 

TO ORDER- please email, call me or stop in to set up your consultation. 

I look forward to working with you soon!

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Heather Hanson

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