April 2020 Classes are scheduled to begin in my newly expanded Cottage right here in Union Pier, Michigan!
Join me for
"The Cultivation of Magic" 

The Cultivation of Magic

One of the most important elements as far as the work that I do has always been to hold space and offer gentle guidance for those that wish to step with intention onto a path towards true and lasting healing. Over the years and after working with both individual clients as well as large groups I recognize that there is a very powerful and unconditionally supportive energy available to us when a common intention is shared. It is with this observation in mind that I invite you to join me for a new program I am rolling out on the New Moon of April of 2020 called “The Cultivation of Magic.”

This program will consist of 22 Classes designed around the theme of Spirituality, Creativity and Community. Together we will move beyond the voice of the ego in order to work with the energy of intention and inspiration as a means of opening an energetic container for authentic soul expansion and healing.

Over the course of these 22 classes we will gently follow the lead of the Major Arcana (from the Ryder-Waite Tarot deck) as we learn about and immerse ourselves in the deep spiritual energy, wisdom and insight of each card as it also corresponds to the Crystal Kingdom, Plant Magic, the Hebrew Alef-Bes, the Lunar Cycles, Candles, the Four Elements/directions, Astrology, the importance of personal ritual and more. Woven throughout and in conjunction with the classes we will be creating together, breaking bread together, celebrating and learning from one another.  

I don’t even have the words to tell you how excited I am to finally be sharing this with you. I have always known with absolute certainty that a great part of my calling has to do with utilizing and sharing the experiences of my life and all of the beautiful lessons, wisdom and insight I have accumulated along the way as a means to foster hope and healing for others. 

A lifetime of personal practice, extenive research and learning as well as each of the tools that I am including within the context of this new program lends us the potential to expand our vision on a very spiritual level while offering a unique way to view the world which we inhabit.

On a much more profound level, over the course of these 22 classes we will become better equipped to see ourselves more clearly without judgment as we learn to experience the very divinity of our own souls from a new perspective. 

In the coming weeks I will share the specifics as far as signing up for the class, extended information, syllabus and more. For today I invite you to join me here at my Cottage in Union Pier Michigan on Wednesday, April 22nd at 7pm EST for the very exciting introduction and first class of this new endeavor. Spaces will be very limited and advance sign-up will be necessary so be sure that you are connecting with me either on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t miss the announcements!

Until then, I wish you abundant blessings and can not wait to share 

"The Cultivation of Magic" with you!